Founder's Profile

Dr Ego Igbokwe

Ego is well known in the community for her exceptional love towards people. She is intentional about helping young people start afresh by simply focusing on what works. Ego has empowered persons under her tutelage with tools to make choices that would cause meaningful changes in their journeys through life. She demonstrates how choices in simple process and daily routines creates endless testimonies for everyday persons who have made complete turnaround of otherwise sticky situations. Ego was born in Zaria, a small city In northern Nigeria. She was raised by a mother who is a teacher, impacting on her the habit of excellence and tenacity to finish strong. Ego models an unquenching passion of service to humanity and the community. Since moving to Australia in 2018, she has undertaken a simple project where she has worked with 42 young women mostly immigrants of African heritage to “restart” even in the face of uncertainties.

Fondly known as “Aunty Ego”, she mentors young women and teenagers from across different cultural divides and geographical locations. A kind-hearted and warm persona, her home remains a refuge for many who seek the comfort of family in a foreign land. She draws strength and meaning from her Christian values. Rosemary is a pillar of support to many in the community who come to her for structure and direction.

Dr Rosemary is an achiever who is well known for her sense of discipline and focus. She is a trained veterinary surgeon and public health practitioner who serves on the board of multiple companies. As a mum and wife, she established a thriving fashion label “stripe”, that caters for the upwardly mobile African professional.

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